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Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Nights // Movie Night

The theater? We're not ready. I mentioned this recently to explain why I won't see the much anticipated & already beloved Brave for many moons to come.

However, I realized anew this evening - we are not ready for the theater.

Tonight marks movie #3 that we are half-way through.

Let's recap:

1. A few months back - Snow White - too scary. (Yes, vanity is terribly scary. Let's all remember that.) We made it to her first night in the Dwarfs' cottage.

2. A couple weeks ago - Cars - too esoteric. Past the opening high-paced scenes of races & such other flashiness, it drops into cautionary tale against egotism. We made it till McQueen learns that Doc won 3 Piston Cups.

3. Tonight - Follow That Bird - Okay, first of all? Not my first choice. My plan was to finish Cars and eat a pizza.
But we had no pizza, and it turns out the AppleTV was downstairs (which, I learned after getting my lovely & our makeshift dinner of hummus etc UPstairs) ... so Netflix!
However ... we were quite enjoying the 27 year old Sesame big-screen foray, when I decided we should get ready for bed & finish the movie downstairs. (Love you, technology!)
BUT? Child associates bed routine with Dora or Diego. So, there you have it. Big Bird had just escaped Ms. Finch disguised as a haystack when we lost him.
But my favorite part was, of course, Waylon Jennings. (And if you didn't know that, do you even know me at all?)

Spoiler Alert!
I know how each of these movies ends --
1. Snow White ignores the Dwarfs' good advice and any modicum of common sense and eats the apple from the totally creepy looking old woman, falls into a death-like sleep, wakes at the kiss of her one true love, and lives happily ever after. (Oh, and the evil queen gets chased off a cliff to her death, which is why I think we'll wait a few years to finish it! PS - anybody else think it's weird that this woman obsessed with her beauty disguises herself as a hideous beggar?)
2. Lightening McQueen learns the value of true friendship. I'm also guessing that at some point Doc had to learn a similar lesson.
3. Big Bird gets back to Sesame Street. (I really hope Waylon makes another appearance. I seriously teared up. Click the link above. Seriously.)

I don't mind at all watching half a movie at my house. But (again - if you know me at all?) not gonna pay for 2 adults & 1 kid to go to the theater, get even a small snack ... then stay for half.
Not. Gonna. Do it.

Any movie suggestions to wile away some hot summer hours with a 2.25 year-old?


  1. We haven't really done the movie thing. I know I still have to fast forward for parts of Nemo with Lily. We resort to shows on Netflix for kids :) The only movie we saw in theaters with Lily was Puss in Boots (in 3D no less) and many others are PG. Where are the G rated movies?!

    1. And movies are SO loud. My parents tried an ocean IMax yesterday and got 5 minutes in!!