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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thinking about Thinking

"You are not your thoughts." -- my latest yoga-inspired pondering.

When the teacher said it, I thought - "right, you have to take action."

But then she said, "... and isn't that wonderful?"

Wait a minute! 

No. No, it is not awesome.

If I were my thoughts, imagine ...

  • My house would always be impeccably clean.
  • I'd read more, work out more, blog more, and sleep more.
  • All my work projects would be complete and presented to the ooh's & aah's of my colleagues.
  • I'd turn all my "Pins" into reality.
Or at the very least ...

  • My laundry would be put away the same day it's washed.
  • I'd read more OR work out more OR blog more OR sleep more.
  • I would not be best known at work as "most often to forget her ID badge."
  • I would have opened the sewing machine I bought to turn "Pins" into reality.
But, we all know what she meant.

We all have bad thoughts. Self-deprecating thoughts & judgmental thoughts. Mean thoughts, even sometimes violent thoughts.

The idea is that you can't control what thoughts come into your head, but you can control what you do with them.

  • Let go of negative thoughts.
  • Act on positive thoughts.

Still, it would be nice if this post had just written itself when I thought of it ... 8 days ago.


  1. I have a sewing machine I bought 10+ years ago when my mother and grandmother were visiting so they could sew me some curtains. I haven't touched it since :) Go spend some time sewing! And for the record, I find your posts and thoughts to be very positive and inspiring!

  2. Thanks, Aleks! I've thought about this some more -- We don't choose our thoughts. We choose what to do. So, that changes who we are to something intentional. I like that. :)