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Friday, January 4, 2013

A Sticky Face is a Small Price

A few weeks ago, we went through a bout of really bad drop-offs at school (daycare, that is).
Like, clinging to mommy or daddy's leg before even entering the building. Like waterworks & sincere drama when you try to go. Whichever lucky parent dropped that day might try to smooth things over, which usually made it worse.
Finally, we hit upon the oh-so-emotionally fulfilling solution -- Kiss & Run. No matter what - Kiss. And RUN.
Yes, there were tears. But they usually stopped before we even hit the main entrance.
I don't believe it was an intentional manipulation thing. Or at least, I believe it wasn't a maliciously intentional manipulation thing.

After a week or so of Kiss & Run, things have been a little easier the past 2 weeks. Who knows for sure why. We just hope it will last!

Our working theory is - letting her have breakfast at home instead of packing it to have when she gets to school.
Daddy thinks she was hungry & therefore more cranky. I think maybe it's just that little smidge of control that  little folks need. She asked to eat at the table. We let her. Presto! -- She has control of her world.

Yes, sometimes (almost always) she dilly dallies. When it's my turn, I always squeak into work in the bare nick of time.
But it's worth it.

Yesterday, she had syrup on her face when I got her to school.
Who. Cares.
She didn't. She dove into dress-up with her little friends.
The teacher didn't. She said she'd take care of it.
I didn't. A sticky face is a small price to pay for a happy kid.

... and what a face! ... and what a kid ...

That's not syrup! No. It's chocolate frosting, from "welcome back, Oma" donuts last week.
I didn't take the time to photograph sticky face yesterday. I got while the getting was good!