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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ease & Effort

"What do I want this to be about?"
I asked myself before the yoga practice tonight.

Ease & Effort - the balance between them. Yes!

I heard that last week or the week before in the same space. But tonight, it just popped in my head & made total sense.

Ease & Effort. Yes. Finding that balance has been my whole life. I mean, the goal of my whole life.

When life's too easy - boring.
When life's too much effort - stressful.

In general, lately - and today, in particular - feeling just right. A challenging but fun day at work. A completely awesome yoga practice. Return to the family for bedtime!

Sometimes, I go a little too far toward effort or ease. Boredom & Stress equally lead away from equilibrium and away from being in the moment.

Adjustments are necessary.  No need for a tug-of-war. Just a little give & take.

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