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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


D as in Disaster.
D as in DAMN IT!
D as in Didn't let it get to me.

Long story short - Yesterday, I lost my car keys. (Well, I suppose I lost them Sunday, but I noticed yesterday.)
Yes, we have a spare. And yes, they were both on the same (lost) key ring. There's a back story, but that would make the short story long.

I'd been trying to get into the doctor for months. (No big deal, but I do need the check-up.) Finally, I had a day off, and he had an opening. Then, I'm ready to walk out the door. No keys.

No big deal. Not the first time. I looked for a bit, then called my husband to help me. It's a cute reversal of the usual stereo-typed gender roles. He finds in 1 minute what I looked for for 10 minutes without finding. Not this time.

My parents arrived to watch my daughter while I went to the doctor. They both looked. They each also have a fair track record of finding things I can't. Not this time.

Finally, I called to reschedule the appointment. My dad & husband went off to work. My mom & I planned on some light cleaning, so we figured the keys would turn up in the process. Not this time.

Bright sides?
I got two unpleasant things out of the way simultaneously - cleaning house & getting new keys made. (Thanks AAA!)
My mom & I kind of had a good time -- we took turns cleaning & playing with my daughter.
Since we were stuck near the house (waiting for locksmith etc) all morning, and it rained in the afternoon, we didn't do anything too taxing. Usually, I entirely over-schedule my days off. I go back to work feeling less rested!

I was also darned proud of myself - for?
With only a little guidance from husband & parents, I took care of the problem.
I actually can't remember the last time I lost my keys. (Big news in my world.)
And, most importantly, I did not berate myself for losing my keys.

Yes, I know the Olympics are happening. I just watched 5 gals less than half my age accomplish an amazing victory for our country. My victories are smaller (much much smaller), but they make me happy. I'll take it. :)

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