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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Working with Style V - Bohemian Rhapsody

We had our office Thanksgiving luncheon this week. (I KNOW! It's seriously already time for that?!?!?!!? ... Yes.) For the occasion, I decided to wear something fun & festive. I also made an entirely delicious corn spoon pudding in my crockpot - IN the office breakroom. (It was a test run for Thanksgiving dinner at my house, and it made the cut - hands down!) So yeah - I was all kinds of awesome that day.

It's actually a great photo. My face is just blurry in real life.

When I put this on at home, I thought "I love this; it's Bohemian chic. BUT does it work outside my head?" I asked my hubben. He said it worked, and he's not a lying liar, so I went with it. I got a bunch of compliments on it. Including {drumroll} - "Ooh, I like that; it's Bohemian chic." My day - made.
  • Top - Merona, a recent Target trip - $17.
  • Skirt - Merona, Target a few years back off the clearance rack.
  • Boots - repeat appearance - cheapies from Rack Room. 
      • (Now that I finally got skinny jeans, I might be able to find a new pair!)
  • Accessories - matching jade ring & earrings - BUT the ring was a flea market find, while the earrings showed up years later at a department store --- kismet!

You might think I would be a little embarrassed by how often I write "Target" as to the location of my purchases, but I am not. I don't even bother to pronounce it "Tarjay." I find good stuff there. The quality is adequate that by the time it starts to wear out, it's either out of style or I'm getting tired of it. The big danger of loving Target clothes so much is that I not infrequently go in for diapers & come out with a new outfit. (Of course, I sometimes see that as part of its awesome too!)


I've been doing this FIVE weeks now! Do we have to stop ever? I'm having so much fun.
If you care to join us, please link up with the adorable Katherine over at Liberating Working Moms.

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  1. Very cute! I love the jewelry. I need some boots :)

  2. Don't stop linking up! I'm having a ton of fun doing it too!!

    I love that skirt and I agree about target...I find some awesome pieces there!!

    And I'm happy to hear your crock pot corn pudding turned out! :)

  3. Very cute. And I love Target.
    In my post I probably typed Old Navy more than you typed target.

    Swinging by from Working With Style at Liberating Working Moms