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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Working with Style ... and Holiday Comforts!

First of all, I sincerely apologize for the truly crappy photo. But I took one, so I figured I'd share. I've also been meaning to show what my workwear actually looks like most of the day.

Witness: how a lab coat can make any outfit less stylish. (Even without the 30 year-old turkey lapel pin.)

Facts I love about this outfit:

1. Both my skirt & tights are by Motherhood. That is correct. Even though I am lucky enough to be back down to pre-pregnancy size, I still wear them. The tights because they don't have runs, and that is hard to come by in my sock drawer. The skirt because it is just darn cute - plus, most shirts are cut in a way that makes it unnoticable (even without the labcoat!)

2. The top is seriously part of a bridesmaid ensemble from 11.5 years ago. The lovely bride got us all these awesome pink tops, and we each wore the black skirt of our choice. (You'll see mine in a future post, no doubt.)

3. The shoes. They are adorable and comfortable. (The comfort is starting to fade as I wear them completely out.) - Sam & Libby, $24 at DSW a couple years ago.

Finally --- I love that I only wore it a few hours, because work was slow on the day before Thanksgiving! AND I love that I FINALLY got a haircut yesterday, so the next post you see will feature my newest accessory - bangs!

Welcome to the Holidaze Season! Joy to you all! :)
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  1. That is a great skirt! And don't you worry...I still wear some maternity pieces 4 years later! :)

  2. Super cute shoes! And you made me feel a lot better about still wearing some maternity items!

  3. Your hair has gotten a lot longer! I chopped mine recently to be rid of the annoying layers and got side bangs. Very, very tempted to go with the full thing!