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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Working Mom Style - Black & Black ... + red

Black & Black is the no brainer combination. I resort to it at least weekly. A wee-bit of texture & some colorful accessories keep it from being boring.

  • Cowl neck black sweater - Target, probs under $20 -- I love this top. It feels cozy, yet the 3/4 sleeves fit comfortably under the lab coat. Still, I desperately need some new fall/winter tops, or at least cardis!
  • Check-patterned black'n'grey pants - Target, Merona, ~$25 - I seriously LOVE their new line of dress pants. They look great & feel almost like jammies. I have 4 pairs!
  • Red Shoes - DSW years ago, Naturalizer, on clearance - A nice shot of red without the burden of the heels on "the shoes."
  • Red Earrings - I have no idea where. I have no idea when. I have no idea how much. I DO know that I always get compliments. They're a little heavy, so they only come out & play every once in awhile.

Voila! Easy but not dull:

You're jealous of my bathroom, right? Secret - I like to use the fancy public one out by the main entrance, rather than the barebones employee one back in the belly of the beast.

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  1. SUCH cute earrings! Though I hate when they are too heavy to wear whenever you want :(

  2. I love the shoes and the red. I need to go through and update my closet! I recently started following a couple of fashion bloggers to get some style tips - really enjoy seeing this here, Angie!

  3. And I need some dress pants that feel like jammies! I usually resort to dresses most of all since it is easy to throw on one item.

  4. I love the way the red sasses up the outfit!! Super cute. :)

  5. Awesome! Definitely going to check out the pants.