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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Working with Style - "Casual" Friday

Okay, so officially, my office doesn't have casual Friday. But I always like to mix it up a little bit on Fridays. Fun Fridays? Funky Fridays? These boots were made for Fridays?
Yes, now that Fall is here, often I like to pull out some boots on Fridays. 
Case in point: 

  • Top: Marshall's - I believe it was from the juniors' section. I'm not ashamed. I got it a few years ago, and it's a favorite. It's also a sneaky way to show Husker pride pre-game day.
  • Corduroy skirt: Old Navy - I LOVE it. I don't know that it's technically business casual, but it works. It has an adorable diagonal stitch to it that I wish had shown better in the photo.
  • Boots: Rack Room Shoes - I don't actually like them very much. They're clearly fake leather, but I got them cheap and at the time figured I shouldn't spend much on boots since I wouldn't wear them much in Florida. Wrong-headed. I've been looking for new ones since. I can't find "the" pair. In the meantime, do know how many compliments these get? Maybe Floridians really don't know boots? ;)
  • Accessories: wooden circle dangle earrings from a beachy shop, bronze multi-loop bangle bracelet. I love to mix materials in my accessories. (But please notice the wooden button accents on the top!)

PS - This was actually last Friday's outfit! Yesterday, I went to a special training, so I played it safe! :)
Happy weekend.
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  1. Nice! I desperately need boots but am usually too cheap to pull the trigger. Those look good though! I'll have to look there.

  2. Love the top. I dig that silhouette and keep buying it for me.

  3. I own my pair of "the" boots, which took me 3 years to find and NOW? I am kicking myself for not buying them in bulk because I KNOW that pain, I know it well!

    And seriously, what the heck is with boots costing $200+++? REALLY? UGH!

    You look adorbs though :D

  4. I think my most recent boot trips have been busts because I'm still looking for ones to fit under boot-cut jeans. I need to drink the Kool-Aid & buy the skinny jeans. (Also, I have scrawny calves!) :)

  5. I love skinny jeans but I have muscular calves and the skinny jeans leave imprints on my calves. And I swear I do not have HUGE calved or anything. I am on the search for a pair of boots myself.