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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Neutral with a Bang - Working Mom Style, week II

Last week, I set out my rules. This week, I'll show you an example & see how I stack up.

This is a simple, feel-good outfit. I wore it Wednesday this week, and it got me "over the hump." The outfit is easy. Shoes & accessories give it interest. I don't consider my daughter an accessory, but I do think I look better with her. :) Anyway, she wanted to be in the picture. Her outfit is adorable too, so take note! (All Kohl's & hand-me-downs)

The Outfit:
  • Kohls -- I figure since I slighted Kohl's last week they deserved center stage this week!
  • Sleeveless brown button-up shirt
  • Tweedy lighter brown skirt
  • Multi-semi-precious stone necklace 
The Red Shoes:
  • Dillards - a definite splurge. And worth it. They're actually more comfortable than they look, thanks to a strap across the top. They add a great splash of color to any outfit. And, boy - do they rake in the compliments. Something like 6 women at work will say, "Oh, you're wearing those shoes I love!" I don't wear them often, but they are a great feel-good item.


  1. Love. The. Shoes. LOVE! So cute and such great with the brown.

  2. Those shoes are gorgeous! And I like the outfit!

  3. Before I saw the explanation about the shoes, I totally was like, "OMG what great shoes!" And they are! I also really like the necklace. I think you did a nice job of jazzing up your neutral outfit with good accessories.

  4. Thanks, ladies! I should take a close-up of the shoes. The photo doesn't even do them justice. There's this great stitching & a little button on the side too!

  5. Red shoes make EVERYTHING awesome!

  6. Love it! And my kid always makes me look cuter.