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Sunday, September 16, 2012

In Defense of not Caring

Not caring what other people think, that is.

Remember when you were younger & spent too much time caring what other people thought about what you did? Maybe you even missed out on some fun because you were afraid of looking dumb?

C'mon. Admit it. Don't be afraid.

And if you still hold back out of fear of looking dumb ... Stop, you're probably missing some fun.

Here are some example just from the past 36 hours or so.

1. Walking on the beach in my work clothes.
I had to work yesterday. (Yes, on Saturday. It was my turn.) After work, I'd scheduled a haircut. The salon is literally spitting distance from the ocean. I had piled up to head home, when I looked left and thought - "There's the ocean. I should take a walk on the beach. Duh." So I turned left, parked & headed over. Then I noticed other people milling about in shorts & tanks, as well as - you know - bathing suits. Then I realized I'd probably look pretty weird in my dress pants and blouse. Then I thought "{expletive} it," and kicked off my flats. Yes, the the beach is nice when you're in comfy clothes and can really stay awhile. But the beach at all is still the beach.

2. Letting my kid eat chips for dinner on family date night at a local Mexican joint.
Certainly, that was not the plan. However, it's not like the Saturday burrito treat is some pinnacle of health food. So when she asks for chip after chip? Choose your battles. See also: all-day-buy-one-get-one drafts.

3. Letting her lay on the floor in a bookstore.
We have this atheists' tendency to forget that most places open late on Sunday. So there we were, trying to buy a table 30 minutes before the furniture store opened. Lucky for us, there was a lovely Books-A-Million with a slammin' kids' section in the same little strip. She literally ran right to that rack of books, grabbed that one & flopped on the floor. Because - hey, how's she to know to act differently there than at the library? And as for me? I breast-fed her for a year for the good immune system, so what do I care about a few germs? Anyway, it was early. I bet they vacuumed right before she laid there.

4. And finally, I must confess to actually encouraging dress-up with the crazy hat display.
Because I've never actually known anyone who got lice from trying on hats. My only regret is not getting a good pic of the one that makes it look like a shark is eating her head.

PS - It's added awesome to encounter people who know this secret too. 
Our neighbor hung outside this AM talking to us for a good half hour in her pajamas. Because she'd come out just to tell her husband something, when my little ball-of-energy went running over to get kisses from their dog, then proceeded to grab any & everything within her reach in their garage. Good stuff.
At the bookstore, we certainly made a few friends.
At the furniture store, when kiddo suddenly decided she never wanted to leave - I threw her under my arm, all wiggles & wailing, and walked out. Parents of a similar-aged girl, "We feel your pain. Have a nice day."
At the grocery store, when kiddo decided she definitely had to run back to the cart after bathroom break and throw the bouncy ball she'd grabbed. I, again, manhandled her and wrestled her back into the cart. A mom with 2 kids in her cart scooted past us and smiled, "Think happy thoughts," she said.

Indeed, think happy thoughts. 


  1. We have the same atheist Sunday morning tendency! And boy, will I never make the mistake of thinking I can run out on Christmas morning to pick up some milk. Even the gas stations were shut down! :)

    1. Hahaha. Yes, you'd think we'd learn after however many years in the South. It's nice to know we're not alone. :) And thank goodness for the kindness of bookstores!