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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Centered & Consistent

My brother posted a link on Facebook the other day. He commented: "Can we get a center-right coalition, please?"
The article was about Republicans for Planned Parenthood. 
What? That exists? 
Yeah, I didn't know either.
My reply was: "Center Right, Center Left. I'll take either. Center Center?"
Does that exist?
Like operational in the real world?
Not to my knowledge.

Centered Schmentered.

And what about Consistency.

Just take this Republicans for Planned Parenthood thing. Why didn't we know about them? 
Because the party line is "No abortions. Ever. Under any circumstances. End of story."

In my humble opinion, it is inconsistent to the point of blatant absurdity. Why inconsistent?
Because purportedly the core of the party is Freedom. 
Freedom of religion.
Freedom to bear arms.
Freedom for "job creators" to behave in any fashion they see fit.

Businesses can make decisions about anything. People can make decisions about anything, except anything having to do anything with sex.
(Abstinence only. No abortions. No same-sex marriage. Connect-the-dots.)

I don't get it. I just plain don't get it.

On the other hand, I don't feel completely at home in the Democratic Party. 100% for certain, it's my best option. I just wish I had more options.
Like one consistently in the Center. Okay, let's be honest - left of center.


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