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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Past Perfect

Last night. My backyard. Sitting with my baby in a 70-year-old glider. (Unfortunately, I did not have my camera-hand available! But you get the idea)

I am the 4th generation of my family to sit in this glider. My parents gave it to me about a year ago. Here we are then -

My parents now live 30 minutes from me; I see them at least twice weekly and talk to one or both daily. I talk to my grandpa at least once weekly. I don't really need a connection to the past. Yet, it occurred to me that I certainly have one is this bit of furniture.

My daughter & I sit there after a day apart. She straddles my lap and rests her little head on my shoulder. We glide and watch the birds and listen to their songs. (And by the way, she's not a baby anymore. She turned TWO Sunday!)

Yesterday, as so often, there were many cardinals among the melee. I let my mind drift.

First, I had a perfectly silly thought. I wondered whether Cardinals were named after the bird or vice versa. Then, just as quickly, I realized that was totally ridiculous, that of course high-ranking Church officials had not chosen their names or wardrobes to resemble a little bird. Sometimes you have to wait for inspiration to strike.

Then I saw a cardinal that was simply perfect. His red so brilliant. I thought, "why aren't they all that red?" Evolution and all. Being more eye-catching, he's at a competitive advantage. After thousands of years, here he was - a total stand-out. Yet, the duller (still beautiful) birds would also procreate.

This struck me as a cheerful thought. If an entire species hasn't quite gotten it right, and after thousands of years - then surely I can be excused for my imperfections. Yesterday was a near-perfect day, but today? Today, this thought was a handy one - forgotten wallet, dropped & exploded soda, leaking lunch bag (balsamic vinegar!) and so on.


  1. Ugh on the balsamic vinegar! Regardless, I try to find a little time each day to think about how good life is, spilled milk and all! Happy belated birthday :) Two already!

    1. I bet your garden time with Lily is perfect for that! :)