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Friday, April 27, 2012

Stolen Moments

This morning - I should have left for work a good 30 minutes earlier than I did.
This is the norm.
Normally, I'm just running around like the proverbial chicken sans head.
This morning? I had everything ready.
Yet, instead of walking out that door (relatively) on time, I opted to sit down and eat breakfast at the table with my daughter. (The norm is both of us eating in the car.)
It was lovely. Lovely, I say!

Earlier this week, I saw a quote on good-ole Pinterest --

I love it. I didn't need her to tell me, but I did need her to sum of my thoughts exactly.

So, I got to work a little later than I should. (As it happened, I knew there were no special responsibilities or meetings to attend.)

I got my work done in a timely fashion. I even went above & beyond in a some ways.
 I thought about just going straight home & getting an early start on dinner. But dinner was leftovers.
So ... go home & just play?
Sure ... but I bet you know as well as I do - once you get home, you find some task or chore that you should do - instead of just enjoying some time with your kiddo.
So ... the park? the library?

When I got to her school, she was hot & sweaty from the playground, and it was hot & sweaty outside. So, the library it was. She goes with my parents at least once a week and loves it. It's walking distance from their house and not far from my work. I considered calling them, but I was selfish - I wanted my baby all to myself.

She was a hoot. A little louder than the library probably merits. We looked under tables & in baskets, but we kept misplacing her inside voice.

Oh, well - if you're having this much fun, who cares?


  1. Awesome!! Way to enjoy the afternoon. It is these stolen moments we will always treasure as moms. Today I was talking to my Lily about jobs and how I was on the hunt for a new one. She replied with "well, when you get tired of your work and its a school day just take a day off and I'll stay home with you to relax. We'll just enjoy our life." Is she 4 o0 40?!

    1. That is precious! We both have precocious little ladies on our hands! :)