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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Sun's still there (figuratively AND literally)

I'd just finished giving my Mom a laundry list of why my mood was foul, when I looked up in the sky and saw a thick cloud cover.
"And I can't even see the  sun!" I wailed.
"But you know it's still there," she responded.

Yes, I do know. I guess that's why I keep getting up & going to work - even when my week presents a perfect storm to obscure the sun.


Later that day - there it was. The sun. I noticed it when I got a glimpse of a window or caught a moment of fresh air. Then, miracle of miracles, the workday was not only manageable, but I was able to knock off early.

I practically skipped to my car. My Mom, my daughter & I walked to the library. That sounds lame, right? But it was AWESOME. She literally raced into the children's area, yelling "books!" My parents take her all the time, so she ran around showing me all the cool things - the train, the puzzles, the cushion circle, the computers - oh, the computers! Then we played some serious Dora bingo.

After all that excitement, would you believe there was more?! There's a little park behind the library! It's a little boardwalk over a small pond. My daughter was en fuego! We walked out to a little gazebo, and this turtle swam over looking for a handout. 
"Oh, hey buddy! Sorry, buddy! Adios, tortuga!!"
Pretty much anything we said or did, we got immediately back from her. Right down to crossing her legs - a little difficult with her little munchkin thighs & total hilarity.

I wasn't the only (um..) role model either. There's a series of painted fiberglass turtles, and the library has one. She even got down and imitated their tortuga.


For the finale? There was a totally awesome little playground. I may or may not have played on the equipment more than my daughter.

Eventually, we had to go back, rejoin our menfolk, etc & so forth.

The literal sun was shining. The sun had figuratively returned to my little world in full force. I hadn't to wait long to see it again really.

My wish for me - that my daughter will feel half as lucky to have me as I do to have my mom.

My wish for all - that you always have someone to remind that the sun is there, even when you can't see it. And someone to help you find it.

Don't ever let the clouds fool you!

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  1. Aww, love this post! I'm glad you all had such a wonderful time. I second your wish for us all!