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Friday, January 6, 2012

Puppy Therapy

I was in a pissy mood this morning. Long story short - I forgot that there's really only one thing you can control - your own reactions. Toddler up too early (again) and refusing to go back to sleep (again) - evidently, I can't control. My heretofore beloved bangs looking not as awesome today of all days, when we have a girls' night - I can't control. Being huffy & crabby - I can control, just apparently not this morning.

However, a cup of coffee, a dose of work-pals, and some heavy-duty puppy therapy, I am now in fine spirits.

No, I don't have a dog at work. No, I didn't go out & get a real puppy. All I did was Google "French Bulldog Puppies" - I felt better. Seriously, don't you?

As the day went on, I was amazingly productive. Someday, probably when I'm old & gray, I get one of these to snuggle with me and be lazy.

This lovable lout, however, remains our one & only for as long as he lives --

My point, as far as I actually have one, is that you can make yourself feel better. You don't need to buy anything or eat anything either.

Happy Friday! :)

PS - I am now going for a cocktail, but I longer feel like I need it. Puppies are better than cocktails!


  1. You're very right! Usually I check out the humor section of Pinterest. Gotta remember this next time I'm letting everything around me take over.

  2. Interest is excellent therapy too! I pinned the Frenchies to my Aminals board!

    1. Dear iPad, I meant Pinterest. Get with it!