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Friday, July 8, 2011

Simple Summer Supper, part 2 of ? (I love a rainy night.)

I had big grillin' plans for the night. All day as I worked, at the back of my mind, recipes and combos tumbled about. The plan was to keep it simple, so I could serve a mostly home-cooked AND relax after work. Indeed, something that I could prepare while consuming Yuengling Light + salt&pepper cashews.

My final decision was chicken breast for my hubben and dad, salmon for my munchkin, my mom & me -- all with my magic BBQ sauce. I was so excited to try the magic with salmon!

Then I stepped outside - downpour. That's just one downside of working inside! Very easy to lose track of the outside world. An upside of a long commute, though? Plenty of time to reformulate!

Rotisserie (mojo) chicken from the deli! ... + the magic, of course.

I "cooked" simple sides:

Oh, and of course - there was the omnipresent summer dessert - seedless watermelon. Which naturally necessitated a baby bath. After which, the munchkin treated us to some naked bluegrass dancing.

I got it all! Awesome family time AND a dinner that made feel good inside!

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  1. Aww, you featured my recipe?! Thank you!! But where is the video of the bluegrass dancing? :) I love the pictures you put on FB of you three.