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Friday, July 1, 2011

All things in Moderation ...

Back in my early and mid-20s, I started saying "All things in moderation, especially moderation." At the time, this sounded like a good excuse when I stayed out too late or had too much to drink.

Tonight a new & more useful meaning occurred to me. Basically, I ate too much. It's taken a few hours to feel like I might ever want to eat again.

When I eat well, I feel good. Sometimes though it starts to feel, well - stale. I assure you, tomorrow eating reasonably will feel totally fresh!

So, for me, being immoderate occasionally helps my day-to-day moderation feel even better!


  1. My favorite saying just became favorite-er! "all things in moderation, especially moderation" perfectly describes my healthy living plan. I love my splurges twice: once when I am experiencing it, then again when I use it as my motivation to get back to the middle of the road. I look forward to reading more!

  2. Thanks, Alicia. I think you just summed up what I was trying to say!! :)