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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What I love about me!

I've been doing a hefty amount of self-examination lately - largely of the "I used to not be okay with this, but now I am --- and here's why" variety.

So I was intrigued by a challenge I got yesterday. This came to me via Straight Talk Jess, who got it from The Adventures of Daddy Runs a Lot

The challenge: Name 5 things you love about yourself. 

Right now? Not things I'm working on or getting better at? At first I thought I'd have a hard time. But after giving it a moment's thought, I actually had to narrow my list down! 

So, here we go --- the top 5 things I love about myself now:

1. I am Childlike. This is not to say childish, although sometimes I'm sure that I am that too. 
What I mean is that I daily look at the world with new eyes and take delight in small things.
This was true even before I became a mother, but has certainly increased in the past year & a half!

2. I am Polly Anna. Without even meaning to, I always find the silver lining. 
Sometimes it takes me longer than other times. 
Sometimes the silver lining is simply - I can learn from this crappy experience. 
But often, my mind jumps immediately to what is okay about an undesirable situation.

3. I am Smiling. That joy I feel? 
I like to share it. I make a point of smiling at others as I pass them in the halls or on the streets. It costs absolutely nothing. 
Very often, you see a sad or indifferent face light up at that unexpected smile. 
Other times, the face ignores you --- and those times, you stick your tongue out at them once they've passed. (Childish? or Childlike?)

4. I am a Body in Motion. I can hardly help but multi-task. 
When I'm driving alone, I'm either listening to the news, talking on the phone (using my hands-free!), eating breakfast or planning menus. 
At work, I use the time while my lunch microwaves to check Twitter or do calf-raises. 
When I'm with others, especially my family, it's no struggle to turn off the multi-tasker .. thankfully!

5. I am a Body with Purpose. I love my body. I don't mean this physically, although I'm quite pleased with it, particularly my gams & backside, if you must know. 
What I really mean is: I love what my body is capable of. 
I love that it doesn't seem to require too much of me to do it. I am in excellent health. I am reminded of my incredible good fortune daily. Going to work at a hospital does amazing things for your gratitude. I take good care of myself, but look more like I take great care.
But most of all, I love what my body did in the past 2 years. (With some help) it made a baby! It nourished her for 9 months inside, then another year outside. My arms get stronger ever day in response to her growing. I can pick her up and cradle her, just as I did when she was first born.
I never really appreciated how amazing my body was until I became a mother.

Spread the love! What do you love about you?


  1. I love this list! And, as far as I'm concerned "growing a human inside you" is a superpower.

    Now, if only my body, which I take care of, would stop getting sick all of the damn time.

  2. I love your list too! I do love my body and while everyone is quick to hate theirs, I've gotta say I was blessed with good genes and I'm proud of it.

    The childlike thing is awesome. I sometimes forget how to have fun and enjoy so this is such a great quality!