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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Top 3 Tips for a Healthier Grocery Trip

  • Before you get started - by all means, choose good company!
    • In my case, my child is small enough not to ask for things etc. She's a good reminder of why to make healthy choices. She's also a hoot! Sometimes though, the grocery store is my "me time!"
    • Find what works for you & go with it.
  • 1. Prioritize the perimeter.
    • Spend most of your time in the produce section. If half your diet should be fruits and vegetables, then it follows that half your cart should be too! (excluding the 4 bottles of body wash I bought this week.) 
      • We used one of those little double-decker carts today. I filled the entire top in the produce section.
    • After produce, focus on fresh meat and dairy. 
      • Within these sections, look for lean meats and low fat dairy.
    • Money can be a fair indicator too. 
      • This week I spent about $100. $25 was in the produce section. I did spend more than usual on cosmetics & beer/wine this week - some of my faves were a steal!
  • 2. Have a plan
    • If you're just getting started on healthier eating, I cannot overemphasize how important this is. Make an actual list. Start by planning your meals for the week, then list out the ingredients you'll need.
    • Recently, I've started going with just an outline of what I want to eat for the week. I have found that I have some go-to healthy meal patterns, and I prefer to freestyle based on sales and what looks good.
  • 3. Don't shop hungry.
    • A basket of veggies and a good list won't help you if you're too hungry to resist the buy-one-get-one Oreos or Doritos!

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  1. I always fall into the hungry shopper trap and bam, I'm got $300 of groceries from Costco! I agree on the produce 100%!