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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Picture Perfect (no pictures included)

Written Saturday during a down moment. Forgot or couldn't post till now. That's living. :)

I had a picture perfect Thanksgiving. So, obviously, I took no
pictures. Well, almost none. Just one of my daughter making a turkey craft.
Neither the picture nor the turkey turned out well. But we had fun.

The rest of the day, I kind of forgot to take pictures. Much as I love
pictures, I tend to think that is the sign of really great day. (No
offense, shutterbugs!)

My husband, daughter & I got to spend some quality time, just the
three of us, before company arrived. We took the dog to the
playground. There we met TWO other dogs, so the dog was happy. Kiddo
adored one of the other dog’s little human. And mommy got on well with
her mommy. Numbers were exchanged. We’ll see what happens.

Regardless, what a great morning! An hour & a half in the sunshine
before an early nap.
EARLY NAP – still patting myself on the back for that one. Company
arrived just an hour before usual naptime. Can you imagine the
cooperation we’d have gotten if we’d waited? I can, but I’d rather

Dog-show watching with in-laws while kiddo napped. Occasional
allowance of football. SNACKS – as in little smokies & spinach dip –
thank YOU, Pinterest!

A delightful little girl woke up, spent some QT with the
longer-distance grandparents. Then my parents & a good friend from the
olden days arrived.

Football was watched. Food was consumed.

Kiddo behaved like (nearly) an angel --- at least until I gave her a
little surprise for said good behavior. That’s apparently a good time
to get a little evil.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was how little the little one liked
her pie. She’d been requesting pie for the previous 20 hours or so,
and it was the first thing she asked for in the morning, the thing she
begged for before nap & before dinner.
I’d question our relation over her dislike of pumpkin pie, but she did
love the whipped topping!

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