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Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Routine" v. "Boring"

What a weekend!

Our normal weekend looks like this:
Friday night - something easy for dinner, watch some TV after getting the kiddo to bed.
Saturday - simple breakfast at home, play around the house & maybe take a walk, simple lunch at home, toddler nap (sometimes mom and/or dad too!), go out and do some shopping or whatnot, simple dinner out, watch some TV after getting kiddo to bed.
Sunday - see Saturday.

This weekend looked like this:
Friday night - simple dinner, making party favors for husband's 42nd birthday party. We also watched part of second-to-last Harry Potter movie.

These say - The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.
The other sides say - 42.
It's from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Yes, we are nerds.

Saturday - took daughter to my mom's & went to work for the morning. (Husband was working from home.) Went to a party for a co-worker in the afternoon. Met husband & daughter back at my mom's. The 3 of us went to his birthday party - at this place that is literally ALL THINGS - a bowling alley, movie theater, comedy club, arcade, bar, restaurant. It was a blast, but a tad overstimulating for a toddler operating on a half-nap. My dad stopped to pick up the kiddo & take her to their house for a sleepover. After they left, we CUT LOOSE. Way fun, probably much needed. 25ish friends. Fun fun fun.
Sunday - slept in a little, woke up very surprised not to be hungover. Went to get kiddo at Oma & Papa's. Went to breakfast. Stopped back at work. Kiddo fell asleep in car with daddy, thus ruining her real afternoon nap. Tried to keep the rest of the afternoon chill. Reclaimed a normal weekend with chillin&grillin. 

The weekend ... was awesome. Completely & totally awesome. But also? Exhausting. I would not trade it for anything. But, maybe the best part of it --- is reaffirming how much I love our usual routine. 

"Routine" gets a bad reputation -- lumped in with "boring." I respectfully disagree. 

My week will not be routine this week actually - only working Tuesday & Wednesday! But, my weekend will be routine. And it will be awesome.

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Have a great week! We spent some time in the garden and I cooked. We managed dinner out on Cinco de Mayo and hit the mini golf place for a kids bday party :)

    1. By no means do I wish time to move faster than it already does, BUT I do look forward to mini golf in another year or two! :)