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Monday, March 19, 2012


This is the new thing to say at our house. I already can't remember who started it. It wasn't me. Either my Hubben or my Munchkin, pointed emphatically at the other while saying the nightly "I love you." Then they went back & forth saying it and pointing, each time more emphatically than the last. Sometimes I get to play. Sometimes the dog even gets love.

It's freaking adorable.

Today, as we were getting ready to leave school, I was holding my little joy-bundle. She pointed at teacher #1 and did it. As you can imagine, the teachers nearly died. Then, teacher #2 got the same treatment.

Here's how I know I'm meant to be a working mom: there was not one instant of jealousy. Not one instant. I was so happy. So happy that my daughter is happy at her new school. That she's comfortable enough with her world to bond with others. That she's surrounded by sweet ladies who love her back.

But .. how could they not?

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