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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Working with Style ... catching up ...

Phew! Where have I been!?!?!

Well, not taking better photos of my outfits. Let me just warn you at the outset. All photos will be self-portraits, utilizing a mirror & a Blackberry. My husband is more than willing to photograph me, but I'm always rushing to get out the door in the morning --- then rushing to get out of my work clothes in the evening!

Last weekend, we were in South Bend, IN - having a kick-ass time with a great friend from college & her family. Even though there was no snow, it was considerably colder - worthy of sweaters, boots, and the crocheted outerwear from the craft show we attended.

Here's what I wore the day before we left. I called it "Black'n'Tan" --

Sweater & black pants by Merona - from Target. Black pumps by Naturalizer. I love them so much, I actually polished them. My honeymoon opal around my neck. And, yup - my side bangs debut! I think next I'll go for real bangs, but this was a big step for a life-long ear-tucker.

Here's an outfit from earlier this week ---

Two new items. Sweater by Loft (online, on sale). Turquoise beads by Stella & Dot, courtesy of a friend's recent party.

And here's what I wore yesterday. (Yes, YESTERDAY, as in - Saturday - to work.)

Another new Loft sweater. My standard Target navy slacks. My standard floral Sam & Libby flats. Plus, a multi-gem necklace from hubben for last birthday. (BTW, he wanted to know why I was shopping so much with my birthday & Christmas coming up. Answer: I have no idea.) Here's the story behind this outfit. It feels like jammies, a robe & slippers. When you have to work on a weekend, you should at least be deliciously comfy. If my face looks fuzzy in the picture, don't blame the Blackberry; blame my face.

I'll try to get better shots this week, but it's nice to see all the LWM crew again. Check out the link up!

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  1. SIDE BANGS! I just got those too...I'd been an ear tucker for at least the last 15 years.

    I love that coral sweater & turquoise necklace combo.

  2. Hooray side bangs! Mine have grown out so much that they would barely be considered bangs any more! It's a good look for you!

    I agree with Katherine, love the coral and turquoise. That color looks great on you!

  3. Haha, I just got side bangs! Debating whether to go for the full thing. Love the necklace!!

  4. Cute cute! Also, totally jealous of your weekend in South Bend!