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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Now Hear This

"Now here or Nowhere."
-- said my yoga teacher on Thursday

A little cheesy. But those yoga quotes often are.
What matters is that they resonate.
And this one did.

I don't have the world's easiest time staying in the moment.
The three times I really have - twice snorkeling, and during my daughter's birth.

But I'm doing better. I don't get to spend as much time with my daughter as I'd like. So it's important to me (and for her!) that I'm present in those moments.

I'm pretty solid on no technology getting between us. (Well, except needing to take especially adorable pictures & email or post them!)

But my mind does wander.
There's a lot on my plate. I'm kind of a big deal. {**chortle**}

This new little mantra is a nice quick one -

  • Pops in my head when I find it wandering.
  • Reminds me that those veggies for tomorrow's salad can roast later; block towers should NOT wait.
  • Gives me absolute confidence that a pedicure is THE most important thing happening on a given afternoon.

  • It is less successful in helping me cope with elbows to the boob at bedtime.

As to that yoga class? I think it may have nearly killed me, but I wouldn't trade it.
I really was just there. 
This new studio? Rocks.
They push me like I would never push myself. But in an awesome, empowering way.
Sure, I felt like someone beat the living crap out of me the next day, but at the time? I kicked ass.

I did 2 things I haven't done for years.


And this:

When I am in motion - I am now here.

When I am still ---- still working on it.

Now here or Nowhere.

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